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We want you to know that at Happy Buying Brain, Your Success Is Our Business!

This is the reason why we want to let you into….


It is what successful companies know – or maybe it’s their marketing agencies – and have kept under wraps for ages…

…and it has to do with the brain!

Yes, a certain part of your customer’s brain.

“Marketing to the RIGHT PART of your customer’s brain will MAKE you tons of money.” 

On the flip side, marketing to the wrong part of your customer’s brain will COST you money & destroy your business’s reputation.”

Every customer’s human brain wants information presented in certain ways…

…BUT even MORE IMPORTANTLY, it wants this information presented to it in a specific sequence.

Here’s the truth and it will give you a…


What you say to your customers does NOT go directly to their logical brains when they are deciding to buy from you versus your competitors!

Instead, the information you present to them travels in a bottom-up fashion. 

It starts from their brain stem first and travels up to the higher regions of the brain called the cerebral cortex. 


…the only way for this to happen, is if your marketing messages pass through a series of filters in your customer’s brain. 


It means you need to employ certain strategies at certain steps of your marketing plan. 

And these strategies must deliver your marketing messages in the proper sequence.

Only when this happens, will your messages deliver the results you want on your customer’s brain which is to choose to buy from you.

If any hiccup occurs in the sequence your customer’s brain likes to receive marketing messages, it will cause them to see your services & products in the wrong way!

With that said, let’s dive in a bit deeper into the brain.


Contrary to what many people think, our primal or reptilian brain is the first part of the brain to receive information.

The main function of the reptilian brain is to protect you.

So, it filters any information it receives using self-preservation as a criterion.

If your marketing messages pass the primal brain’s filter, it travels to the higher parts of the brain, such as the limbic region and the cerebral cortex, known as the logical thinking part of the brain.

So, for your marketing to be most effective, you need to have a marketing blueprint that will speak directly to the real decision maker in your customer’s brain.

Only then will customers buy from you.

This is the secret successful companies understand and use to their advantage. 

So, it is NOT the logical brain that you need to convince to buy from you.

It is the PRIMAL or REPTILIAN BRAIN that you MUST persuade since it is this part of the brain responsible for up to 95% of the buying decisions your customers make.

This is what DETERMINES if your customers are buying from you or turning to your competitors!

At, Happy Buying Brain we have created the first sequential model that will handcraft your marketing and use it to gut customers buying from you.

We craft your marketing strategies so that they specifically trigger the true drivers (responsible for up to 95% of your customer’s choice to buy) hidden in your customer’s subconscious mind. 

This will effectively persuade them to buy from you over your competitors!

When you understand how the flow of your marketing messages reaches your customer’s primal brain and then travels to the rest of the brain – it starts with unveiling what those true hidden drivers are rooted in their primal brain and subconscious minds…

Our founding

Neuromarketing has been around for over 20 years!

BUT, It is relatively unknown to the smaller and medium size businesses!

As a result, businesses are using marketing strategies that speaks to the WRONG part of their customer’s brains and this in turn can lead to a lot of wasted money and time.

Felix Cao plans to change this!

He has been featured in top media outlets, such as The Huffington Post and Adweek.

More recently, Felix has also appeared on radio news shows to talk about neuromarketing and the 2019 Canadian election.

With over 15 years of experience in marketing and business, most of which have been in the tech space leading to the acquisition of his app portfolio, Felix brings the “Know-How” that businesses can use in their marketing to get more customers, increase repeat business & boost their popularity in their industry.

With a background in biological science and psychology, Felix is able to combine this with the 15+ years of marketing experience and success to deliver actionable and business transforming strategies that speaks to the primal part of the your customers brains, so that they buy from you instead of from your competitors!