Case Studies Details – (Happy Sales – Food Bike Tour)

Case Studies

25% Month-over-Month
Growth Without increasing Ad budget

The Challenge


The Food Bike Tour partners with 65+ local businesses in Edmonton and Calgary to bring food lovers the amazing experience of being able to discover the best restaurants in the city, while getting in an exciting exploration of the city through a relaxing bike ride from one restaurant to the next.

Their goal was to acquire more customers & increase month-over-month sales without increasing their current marketing budget.

The challenge was to figure out the most effective way to optimize the messaging in their ads, so that conversion rates would increase while maintaining the same marketing budget.

The main problem in their current ad messaging was that it did not engage the primal brain of their customers.

The current ads used too many words, small pictures and the type of pictures could be changed to showcase images that captures the attention of the primal brain of their target audience.

The Plan

The Power Of Emotions & Visuals

The roadmap to achieve this goal was to apply neuromarketing principles to optimize the marketing messages in the ad campaigns so that the messaging is constructed inline with how the primal brain likes to receive information.

Since the primal brain is the main decision maker (influencing up to 95% of a person's decision) when it comes to buying, then optimizing the ad messaging with proven strategies backed by scientific studies enables the creation of ads that are more primal brain friendly, which will have a much greater impact on persuading the target audience to take the desired action.

The Results

Happy Sales

The Food Bike Tour experienced a 25%+ month-over-month growth rate without increasing their marketing budget.

By applying neuromarketing strategies into their marketing campaigns, Happy Buying Brain is proud to participate in the growth of The Food Bike Tour.