Case Studies Details (Happy Customers – MBeauty International)

Case Studies

How A Beauty Company
Tripled Their Repeat Customers in 3 Months

The Challenge


Some businesses have no problems with bringing in new customers.  BUT, getting them to come back was a totally different story.

The online beauty company, MBeauty International, had exactly this problem bottlenecking their organic growth.

They had hundreds of passionate students enrolling in their waxing classes to become the best certified waxing consultants that they can be.

MBeauty International was great at welcoming new customers into their waxing classes, but it pained them to learn¬† that their repeat customers weren’t as high as they’d expected it to be, even after giving amazing training and product knowledge.

As a result, they were losing lots of money acquiring new customer because the life time value of customers was so LOW.

The Plan

The Power of Reciprocity

People tend to want to help those more who help them and make them feel extra special. So, we got creative with the neuromarketing principle of reciprocating and created a dedicated plan catered to MBeauty International's mission to increase their number of repeat customers.

The plan involved a combination of enhancing the customer experience by giving each student who registered in the waxing class a short video introductory training for the more advance level of waxing + a small gift certificate for taking the initiative to enroll within 30 days after graduating from the entry level waxing class.

This made the students feel like VIP!

The Results


As a result of making their students feel extra special after graduating from the entry level waxing classes, the extra gifts encourage the students to continue pursuing their dreams to become the best certified waxing consultants that they can become by enrolling into more advanced waxing classes.

MBeauty International tripled the number of repeat customers in 3 month when compared to their previous campaign that did not use neuromarketing techniques in their marketing plan.