Case Studies Details (Happy Customers & Sales – Chiropractor)

Case Studies

How A Chiropractor
Doubled Their Conversion Rate
Leading To 6-Figures in Sales

The Challenge


Oasis Chiropractic had 2 areas in their business that they wanted to improve on.

The first area was that they wanted to increase the effectiveness of their ads so that conversion rates would be higher.

Secondly, once we increased conversion rates for their advertisements, the next area to improve was reducing the bounce rate of patients leaving after the first visit.

The Plan

The Power of Loss Aversion

To tackle the first challenge of increasing the effectiveness of the advertisements so that a higher conversion rate can be achieved, the principle of loss aversion was applied. This implementation resulted in highlighting the daily activities that would be missing from someone's life when their back prevents them from doing these simple activities with friends and family that people often take for granted.

Once conversion rates were improved, the next task was to reduce the number of one time visits made by this group of patients that were acquired from the advertisement. By identifying their true pain points and then matching it with the workflow of correct services to resolve the pain sources, Oasis Chiropractic was able to successfully bring down the bounce rate of first time patients.

The Results


By successfully tackling these 2 areas of marketing, Oasis Chiropractic DOUBLED their conversion rate for the advertisement, significantly reduced the number of patients leaving after their first visit, and resulted in over 6-figures in revenue generated.