Case Studies Details – (Happy Sales – Raymark Plumbing)

Case Studies

How A Plumbing Company
Increased Appointment Bookings
By 82% And Had To Hire More Plumbers

The Challenge


Raymark Plumbing started noticing a steady decline in the number of appointments booked compared to the previous years.   They figured that more competition was on the rise especially in a city where the density of plumbers was already high.

Their goal was to boost the number of appointments back to what it was in their previous years.

So, Raymark Plumbing needed a way to re-invent their marketing to remind their customers of the proud heritage of providing over 40 years of exceptional plumbing services to the public.

The Plan

The Power Of Consistency

40 years of excellence in the plumbing business is by no accident. This takes endless commitment and laser-focused attention to continually evolve in order to successfully market to an ever changing customer base, understand their pain points and then learn how to solve them by connecting with them using modern technologies.

So, in order for Raymark Plumbing to remind their customers of their proud heritage of providing 40+ years of excellent service, they applied the neuromarketing principle of consistency in their marketing.

To achieve this, they dedicated more of the marketing efforts online to where their customers can be found. And then cranked up their efforts to connect with their audience on an emotional level by making their customers feel extra safe and confident in choosing a business that has a 40 year history of providing the best plumbing service in the city.

The Results

Happy Sales

Even after being in business for over 40 years, Raymark Plumbing still recognizes how important innovation and adapting to changing times is to the continuous thriving of their business.

Their dedication to being the best in the plumbing industry opened the doors to the competitive advantage of adopting a neuromarketing approach to create a clear separation between them and from the rest of their competition.

As a result, the number of appointments booked increased by 82%, and Raymark Plumbing had to hire a few more plumbers to take on the extra demand in their bookings.