Case Studies Details – (Happy Sales)

Case Studies

How Shopping Company
Boosted Their Sales By 240%

The Challenge


After working with a previous traditional digital marketing company that fell short of their expectations to boost their sales, Pharmacy X needed a solution FAST to get them back on track.

The biggest problem was that Pharmacy did not have a clear road map on how to identify the untapped resources that existed for them and turn them into profit centers.

Because of the absence of a tactical plan to implement online and offline strategies, Pharmacy X was losing lots of money to both acquiring and converting new leads.


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The Plan

The Power Of Contrast

The implementation was a complete overhauling of Pharmacy X's current marketing plan for both online and offline.

It started offline with us spending time inside of the Pharmacy to help position the products in a way that makes it more attractive and comforting for their customers.

The goal was to create the image in their customer's minds that Pharmacy was more than just a place to get their medications, BUT... it was a place that people can come enjoy their lunch and grab snacks to brighten up their day during their work week.

The plan then transitioned to both online and offline when the marketing materials, such as the ads were created with the neuromarketing principle of contrast, so that workers in the immediate area started seeing Pharmacy X as the pain reliever for the stresses of their work day.

They can come to Pharmacy X to sit down and enjoy their favorite snacks. This move brought in a bunch of new customers that could then be converted to customers who started to drop off their prescriptions as well.

The new plan also showed Pharmacy X how to leverage their current partnership to get even more customers by intentionally showing that Pharmacy X was the best at providing skin care supplies to their partners - this help tap into a pool of customers that existed, but they never knew about!


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The Results

Happy Sales

As a result of applying an online & offline marketing plan that is based on neuromarketing strategies, such as The Power of Contrast, Pharmacy X was able to increase their sales by 240% within 1.5 months.

Their ads, in-store positioning, and leveraging current partnership in ways that speaks to the part of their customer’s brains mainly responsible for buying resulted in a massive boost in their sales compared to their previous campaigns.


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