Case Studies Details (Happy Business)

Case Studies

How A Beauty Company Went
From Unknown To Popular!

The Challenge


Starting off is never easy! Especially when nobody really knows that your business even exists. You may have a few customers, but how do you get people to really talk about your business so that it becomes well known?

The beauty company, MBeauty International, had exactly this problem.  So, the challenge was to show that MBeauty International was world class when it came to offering classes to passionate people become the best certified waxing consultants that they can become.


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The Plan

The Power of Group Think

One of the best ways to get people to talk about your business is by doing an awesome job taking care of your existing customers. They are your biggest supporters and advocates to spread the word on your business.

But, after you've done your job of providing your customers the best services ever, how do you get them to actually talk about your business in a way that grows the popularity of your brand?

For MBeauty International, we came up with a unique strategic plan rooted in neuromarketing principles to help skyrocket the reputation of their business so that people started immediately seeing them as the Go-To place to accomplish their dreams of becoming the most inspiring and confident certified waxing consultant they can achieve


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The Results


MBeauty International is the perfect role model that represents a HAPPY BUSINESS!

Our unique neuromarketing strategic plan to skyrocket their reputation resulted in a huge boost in their status and credibility as a world class certification business for people wanting to spread the confidence that comes with giving their clients beautifully waxed bodies.

The results were 30+ reviews on Google and numerous glowing testimonials from students who have graduated from MBeauty International within 2 months!

Now, That’s Success & Trust in MBeauty International from their students!


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