3 Best Neuromarketing Tools and Techniques

Neuromarketing is an exciting new field that is gaining traction. In this blog post we will provide an introduction to some of these neuromarketing techniques.  

The neuromarketing techniques fall into 2 main categories:  Biometrics and Neurometric.

Biometrics techniques measure physical changes in people.  Whereas neurometric techniques study bloodflow or neural activities in the brain. 

Some common biometric measurements involve eye tracking, facial and voice tone recognition, and changes in heart rate and perspiration within an individual.  We will go into these biometric techniques in greater detail in future blog posts.

But today, our focus will be diving into some of the commonly used neurometric techniques found in neuromarketing that primarily involves studying the blood flow and electrical activities in the brain. 

Some of the neurometric techniques that we will explore are the following:

  1.  EEG
  2. FMRI
  3. MEG

1)   Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a technique that analyzes brain electricity, which is registered by a headband or cap that is placed over the head. This method detects changes in the brain wave pattern of the individual. 

EEG measures different frequencies of electrical activity moving along the surface of the brain which relates to different emotional states and cognitive processes. 

2)  Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) testing involves placing an individual  inside of an MRI machine that has powerful magnet and radiowaves. The subject lies down on the table and slides in head first into the MRI machine. The head has to be still to prevent blurring or brain images. 

FMRI  measures changes in the brain’s flow to visualize the consumer behavior processes. Regions that are more active within the brain consume more oxygen, so by measuring the flow of oxygenated blood throughout the brain, important data can be discovered on what regions of the brain are most activated when an individual is viewing an advertisement, for example.

Overall, FMRI can highlight areas in the brain that are activated which can play a role in certain deducing the emotional state of the individual as their brain responds to the advertising content that they are viewing.  

3) Magneto-encephalograpy (MEG) measures magnetic activities in that it uses a helmet that contains hundreds of sensors. The subject sits upright in the MEG machine. It detects changes in the magnetic field  created by electrical activity in the brain. MEG is good at measuring real time responses on the surface of the brain.  

These 3 neurometric techniques can help companies gain a better understanding of consumer behaviour at both a conscious and nonconscious level, which plays a significant role in helping companies understand how their consumers respond to their brand on a deep primal level.

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