Case Studies Details (Happy Business – Coffee Shop)

Case Studies

How A Local Cafe Went
From Unknown To Popular!

The Challenge


Starting off is never easy! Especially when nobody really knows that your business even exists. You may have a few customers, but how do you get people to really talk about your business so that it becomes well known?

The cafe shop, Rochdale Roca House had exactly this problem.

They noticed that the very busy and more popular cafe shops in their city had more than 100+ google reviews.

At that time, Rochdale Roca House had well under that number and wanted help to skyrocket their own reviews into the same stratosphere as their rival coffee shop competitors.

So, the challenge was to show that Rochdale Roca House was world class when it came to the place locals can go to build personal and professional relationships in the most comforting environment, while sharing the taste of the best coffee and desserts in town.

The Plan

The Power of Group Think

One of the best ways to get people to talk about your business is by doing an awesome job taking care of your existing customers. They are your biggest supporters and advocates to spread the word on your business.

But, after you've done your job of providing your customers the best services ever, how do you get them to actually talk about your business in a way that grows the popularity of your brand?

For Rochdale Roca House, we came up with a unique strategic plan rooted in neuromarketing principles that captured the concept of customers banding together to share their opinions and feedback within a group setting after the experiencing a complimentary delightful dessert or coffee from the Cafe.

This plan created a buzzing atmosphere that encouraged their raving customers to not only talk among each other and tell their friends about how great the complimentary delights and service was , BUT...more importantly, turn them into raving fans of the cafe which led to a huge boost in their google reviews.

This move helped skyrocket the reputation of their business so that people started immediately seeing them as the Go-To place to be the place second from home when it came to great company and great coffee.

The Results


Rochdale Roca House is the perfect example that represents a HAPPY BUSINESS!

Our unique neuromarketing strategic plan to skyrocket their reputation resulted in a huge boost in their status and credibility as the Go-To place for coffee and dessert lovers wanting to connect with one another on a deep, meaningful level.

The results led to an increase of 40+ reviews on Google and pushed Rochdale Roca House’s reputation into the same trusted and popular stratosphere as their rival local coffee shops within 6 months!

Now, That’s the true sign of success & trust in Rochdale Roca House’s services and products from their ever growing base of satisfied, raving fans!