How Is Your Business Losing If You’re Not Using Neuromarketing?

The answer is simple!

You are losing to your competitors in every aspect of business, especially when it comes to sales and customers.

There is a big change happening in the marketing world today and businesses that ignore the impact of this change will be in big trouble.

Most are actually in big trouble right now without even knowing that they are!

Don’t’ believe that statement?

Large companies like Google, Facebook and Coca-cola have been using neuromarketing for over 2 decades now.  Their success is pretty convincing that neuromarketing works.

With more intense competition popping up everyday, locally and globally, an amazing product and great service combined with traditional marketing no longer makes the cut to making your business stand out.

The traditional ways of marketing, whether it’s online or offline, are primarily built on a foundation that focuses on persuading the wrong part of the customer’s brain.

In fact, imagine trying to convince someone to make a decision when that person only has the power to influence less than 5% of the final decision?

This is exactly what is happening in traditional marketing today aimed at persuading the logical part of the brain to buy.

By doing this, you’re ignoring the true decision making part of the brain responsible for deciding up to 95% of the choices your customer’s make when deciding to buy from you or from your competitors – their PRIMAL BRAIN!

What’s Next?

In our next post, we’ll reveal some of the most important neuromarketing principles that you need to implement in your own marketing to trigger the hidden drivers in the primal brains of your customers.

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